Sunday, April 22, 2012

Android Syncing Issues and Comments

While I know a great number of people are in an uproar on the comments aspect of Springpad that used to be attachments, I have very much enjoyed using it with my boyfriend on ideas of things we can do together this summer! What we've been doing is whenever one of us gets an idea for something to do over the summer we add it as a task. The other will be notified of it being added and we will comment with out ideas or opinions. In fact a few ideas can all be rolled into one, for instance a road trip and checking out stuff in Annapolis and going to a concert(hey saving gasoline is always good!)!
An example of collaboration alerts in the app.

There are issues with the Android application, as usual(as of late), if someone comments and it shows up in my status bar, when I click it, the app says it can't be found. BUT it works just fine if I click the notification icon within the app. (The notification Icon is what's circled in the image below)

Also, if you've been having issues with syncing, even after the update, I hate to tell you, but you will have to uninstall and reinstall- losing any data changes you have made in Springpad. This is quite the grizzly task when you use SP for so much, as do I, and most of it being mobile!
I recommend setting this aside for when you have a few minutes of time(about 2 minutes for each task you need to transfer and 5 minutes for each note depending on the length) and adding it in via that. One option I recommend is emailing yourself the note, but make sure it works first! Don't delete it until you're sure that method will work!

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