Monday, April 30, 2012

Apologies, Too Difficult to Delete, and Excitement!

First off, I must apologize for the post last night. I was trying to share a blog post with my other blog(about being a vegan on the Eastern Shore). Silly Android App!

Now I must note that a major way that I use Springpad is when I go into twicca I share tweets with interesting links into my Main Notebook(task notebook, it has all my todo's so I'm looking in there anyway). Anyway I go in, and aside from having to go in and click the tweet to read it, I have to perform 3 different selections to get to delete. Now this is fine when it's only an item or two but when you get about 10, it get's pretty irritating to do that third click. I don't mean to sound like a whiner, but you'd think the second click would be the confirmation to delete. And that you could use your directional keys to select it, but no is the answer for both of those.

And the Android app is even the same way(although I can see why for a mobile, it's so easy to mispress)

What I need to say about this is there's really no need for the confirmation. We can still fetch our old stuff from the trash, which we empty at our leisure!

And also, I saw something RAD on twitter today!
So as soon as I somehow get my budgeting board notebook to get 4 of it's 12 pictures to show up, they might feature me! So awesome!


  1. Hey Grace! Thanks so much for mentioning me!! I know that the Springpad folks are so super awesome and will be able to get all of this put together just right!!

    1. Hehe, yeah! If I recall correctly, with the old version it only had a 2 click delete thing(unless you were on Android) because the delete button was easier to access. Of course I've mostly enjoyed the new Springpad to the point where the old one is just a distant memory. :P