Friday, April 13, 2012

Attachments/Pictures are Back, but Majorly Flawed

UPDATE: You can click on them, and they will take you to an external link with the original sized image!

So I just adore the idea of having images at the top. After all, when I scan important financial records and shred them long before I know there's an update, and when I find I can see the image at the top without having to scroll down to attachments, I'm all giddy! But when I find I don't have access to a full sized image of the scan, I am extremely disappointed and freaking out because I trusted this program with my financial records(It WAS the Evernote competitor, remember?).

I used to have this silly technique in getting the image to appear in the body of the note w/o having to upload to another photo management program by uploading the image to Springpad, then copying the direct link to the image, clicking add image in the note editor and paste the URL into there, and voila, I could get the image in the body of the note.
However, if Springpad gets this to show full-sized views of images, then I'd be a happy camper in that regard, one less step involved!

And then when I went to go check out some stuff for the group I organize events for, well I find when I click on the document links(READ: PDF Files) I just get a page reading NULL. This is pretty upsetting considering that before the upgrade it'd just open a new tab and I could view or download my document from there, regardless of file type.
I feel that the team is doing a pretty decent job on replying to people, but it seems like people are just posting angry letters saying that they're switching to Evernote in a lot of threads. Are you planning to stick this through for at least a little while to see how it pans out? I personally need tasks and would have to buy a premium Evernote Account to upload all I have in Springpad, so right now it makes more sense for me to not be hasty in this.

I know this one is a bit negative, but it can help to rant a little.
What feature are you most bummed about being taken away in Springpad?
Did you post your issues in this Springpad help thread? (I did and am waiting an official response, when I get one I will update this post).

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