Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How to Install the List Widget

I'm going to start this off a little personal.
My boyfriend is completely new to Springpad and he's working on a big project that involves a lot or organization. He keeps getting chastised by his dad because he doesn't call people back promptly and loses important information. This isn't to insult him or anything, he's my man and he's very smart- he could just use a better organizational system than he has. I recommended he use Springpad and I'd add in notes to his project folder to help him out when I find stuff and he could take pictures of important info with his Droid so he wouldn't lose that very important data.
So for his convenience, the next few blog posts will be for him which is some basic Springpad 101 stuff(but I'm sure this can help out some other people too)

 Ensure a page of your home screen is blank.(full sized widget)
 Press and hold, click widgets
Scroll till you find Springpad List View
Select your preferences. If you're not sharing any task notebooks with someone else, feel free to select all notebooks, but I chose my Tasks notebook because I didn't want to see HIS todo list for the project.

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