Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Springpad!

So with a new update, I figured I'd start a blog on productivity! I intend to update this regularly, and the topic at hand will be Springpad!
I've seen many-a blog dedicated to Evernote, but it's super hard to find blogs based around Springpad, and those that are- usually have people whom use Evernote at the moment too.
I used Evernote and it didn't fit all my needs. Springpad appears to be as close as it gets!

So what does Springpad have over Evernote?

  • Full collaboration on notebooks(I am the event organizer for a local group and also keep my worknotes in SP)
  • Task management! 
While the first one is a more recent addition(in yesterday's update), the latter has been with them since forever, and while Evernote has its perks, those are two of the big big things I love about SP.

More to come!

Sorry about this being rushed, I have to leave for work soon.

What do you use Springpad for? What do you think of the new changes?

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