Monday, April 16, 2012

Springpad Has Fixed the Ginormous Notebook Issue

While it doesn't look as pretty as it did on the old Springpad, we now have an option for smaller Notebooks. Also, if you have an android, you are also forced to use this particular view now, it would appear.

Also, there's a new Android update coming out today, according to Katin, a springpad representative.
This is how it looks on Android now:

Anyway, this is how you change your notebook view on the desktop:
First you click on the little gear on the right hand side of you Springpad account, and click small. Voila, all done!

Even so, I wish this was something they would have waited on, there's so many bugs still in the program as of now that a view should not a be a priority.

What do you think of this option? Would you have preferred they waited on these icons while they worked on notes/attachment and performance issues? Why?

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