Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Springpad's Bug List!

Katin, an employee of Springpad, replied to Current Status on Issues with the New Springpad, a problem about Springpad:
As promised, here's the current status on bugs that we've recently fixed & those that we're working on:
*Recently Fixed:*
- Notebook covers showing 0 items
- Attached notes viewable as comments on all apps
- Attached files accessible on web app
- Android: crashing on 7" tablets, crashing when sharing from other apps
- Android: adding tags
- Web & Android: create all types from scratch (without searching)
- Web & Android: Smaller notebook icons on home screen (coming to iOS soon)
- Backup (if you are still having issues, email me your username)
*Still Broken and will be fixed soon:*
- Attached files not yet accessible on mobile apps
- Comments not editable (all apps)
- Comments cannot be deleted on mobile apps
- iOS: Clipper issues
- iOS: Lots of crashes (v3.0.1 is awaiting approval from Apple)
- iOS: Hide completed in a notebook
- Android: International characters are garbled
- Android: Comments showing html
- Android: Checklist issues - hide completed & deleting items
- URL at top of bookmarks/recipes not clickable on mobile apps (the link at the bottom works, though)
We've got many more in our queue, but this is the list of those that have been reported here and those that are impacting the largest number of users.
We'll continue to post updates here & on our blog at http://springpad.com/blog/
Again, thanks for all of your patience & help,

Go look at this reply

Still not seeing anything on the whole images not being able to be viewed at full size.

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