Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How to set a Unique Sound Alert to SP

Do you love love love to have custom tones when your phone reminds you of a task, or people text you, and when you get emails? I know I do!

As of right now, Springpad doesn't allow a way to change the sounds for it's alerts specifically(at least via Android), but I've found a bit of a workaround that takes a few minutes to do, but will definitely WORK.

Now I'm a bit pressed for time, so no pictures, but just follow these screen presses.

Set the sound you want SPRINGPAD to make here.

Messaging>Menu>settings>notification settings> Select Ringtone
Set the sound you want to be your TEXT ALERTS

Gmail>Menu>More>Settings>Select an email account>Labels to Notify >Ringtone
Repeat for every GMAIL account

Email>Menu>Account Settings> Select Ringtone
This is for all NON-GMAIL EMAILS

Now there are a ton of different applications that make different noises and whatnot, for instance I have Twicca(a twitter client) but many people have Facebook, or Yahoo Mail. Those aren't listed because then this post would get suuuper long, and whatnot, and I'm sure since you use those apps you already know how to customize the tones(whereas I may not use them so I don't know). It also helps to keep this guide short and basic too, less confusing for those new to android, all the programs here are installed right out the box(Springpad excluded).

Updated for Grammatical fixings on 5/23/12

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