Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Using Springpad as a Student

Part 1 of a 7 part series!
Most of us(myself included!) have been among the students always losing information pertaining to classes and the like.
Isn't it super frustrating? Then when you go and hunt for an end-all tool all you can find is stuff for JUST being a student! But perhaps you have a job, housework to do, friends to keep up with, clubs to attend, etc, etc. And don't get me started on college! There's no solid blocks of time for classes. So a LOT of these apps are useless unless you're a high school student!

But I am about to blow your mind.

I just registered for new classes which I start in about a week. But no mind- This is awesome.

If you don't want to read my ramblings about how I use it, but want to jump to how you can get yourself better organized, jump to the bold below.

I try to implement GTD, but that isn't always easy. So this is what I do:

A- I tag items accordingly. For the class names, the English Class I'm currently in is referred to as English. Quality Control, as QC. MiscClasses is for things like the list of classes I need to take to get my Engineering degree, report cards and that sort of stuff.
B- These are my classes. They will never be checked off, but rather as soon as I get into the classroom(early) then I push the due date for the next class. Also, recurring alarms set via your phone for these tasks are a life-saver! 
C- I make sure to sort everything by Due- Date. NEVER add anything into your notebook without a due-date! Also, I highly recommend whenever adding a task into SP- add it into not only this notebook, but your Task Notebook as well. Then it's always in your master to-do list.
Whenever you work on writing something for your class in the College Notebook, TAG IT. If you take a lot of classes it can get super hard to find information you need on a moment's notice if you don't do this!

So a quick run-down of how to use your spiffy new Class Notebook:
  1. Come up with the names of your Tags. If you want to name the notes with your necessary course lists, report cards and whatnot something like Garfield, that's fine so long as you remember it!
  2. Then TAG EVERYTHING. Nothing should go into the notebook without a Tag. This is a key point in making stuff easy to find and keeping your notebook free of clutter! If you can't tag it right away, don't even add it into ANY notebook so it shows up in your unfiled notebook. Of course, that's only useful if you make a point to keep that at inbox zero.
  3. Make sure ALL your tasks are regularly synced into your task notebook as well. Then you will always know when things are due.
  4. Set recurring alarms for classes. Then they show up in your todo-list and you get alerts!
  5. Once a class is OVER, don't delete notes and such, make sure you have an up-to-date and specific tag(for instance English101) and add it to your reference notebook. You'll never know when you might need to look up something like that and it doesn't clutter you up in the reference folder.
  6. Sort stuff (mainly tasks) by Due-Date. If you sort it another way, you might miss that ultra-important paper you are supposed to turn in tomorrow and start working on the project due in a week! It'll also help you plan your life around your schooling better.
If you have any ideas, feel free to add them to your list!

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