Thursday, May 17, 2012

Using Springpad as a Student

EDIT: This is actually part 1.5. My first part was on being a student, but that part was more on prepping. This one is better for once you're actually IN the classroom.

This is part 3 1.5 of the 7 part series: Getting Organized when You're not a Business-man or Soccer-mom!

So this one is a little bit different than my other methods of organizing my to-do sort of things, but with homework classes, it is so easy to lose a homework assignment that's due in a week or so with all your other tasks. Face it- we are busy people generally and most people aren't just lazing about all the time and only taking one class. We have friends, family, work, other classes, clubs to attend and so on! So I found a method that works a little better but it DOES involve checking these daily(I'm going to show you how to do that simply, however).

I do apologize for my crummy handwriting!

 I make separate check-lists for different kinds of homework. This also keeps my main task-list from getting cluttered and I simply have a recurring reminder on my phone to check this every day(set in the morning and evening).

 The picture is pretty self-explanatory, but I currently I'm only taking one class. Something you might want to do if you're taking several classes is putting an abbreviation right after the due date for what class it is.
And pro-tip. If you've a digital copy of your syllabus, copy-paste is awesome!
 Same deal with the online assignments, but you might want to make the first task the URL for the site you need to do this on.
 Class notes and things you may need to read. Note for my class-notes I have the Class Name and the date of the lecture. If you have multiple classes you will want to do this for everything if possible, or at least tag it like I did.
These are things that are homework but don't fit into the specific online and textbook reading materials. Granted, I should be putting ALL my reading assignments in the Reading list, not just textbook ones, but some of this I did before I thought of that(I originally make individual tasks for everything, did some things, checked em off and boy it was a MESS!)
Also, memos for classes is amazing and if you have an android, you will want to set daily alarms on your phone for checking your homework lists.

 Daily alarms are great and they let out a noise when they go off. I still need to finish that guide to give them a different noise than emails and texts!
 So it's the same deal but you can check stuff on your phone. This is handy if you don't want to carry a laptop everywhere or maybe you carry your textbook around and want to get ahead on some reading while waiting somewhere.
And this is handy too. There's a library with computers in the mall, and since my tax money pays for the library, I won't hesitate to use it. If I'm waiting to meet up with a few friends there, I can slip in and get a few assignments done. And I don't have to buy a snack and wait for my friends in the food court! Sweet, you save money!

The awesome Daniel Gold over at has offered to make a few suggestions, but I mis-read his post.As soon as I hear back from him on potentially being able to have list shortcuts on iOS devices, I will be sharing that separately and linking it in here.

And that's about it! Do you have a different way of organizing your homework via Springpad?

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