Sunday, May 13, 2012

Using Springpad for your Garden

Flowers are blooming, local farmers are opening those U-Pick things. If you haven't planted your garden yet, you're probably lagging behind like me.
Granted I just need to obtain a few plants, my garden is all set up! :)

Anyway enjoy!

 A: Things I need to do for my garden. This also get's added into my task notebook as well, so if I'm in the gardening mood, I can look at what I need to do still by looking in the gardening notebook or if I'm out and about I know what I need to make time for in terms of my day by looking in my task book.
B: This is a mini-shopping list of things you need in terms of hardware.
C: Interesting links that looks like it could be of use to you.
D(In the white): This is a picture of my garden layout so when I go out to the garden I can easily reference it to make sure I plant everything in the right spot!
D(On the left hand side): There's not really any tags here because it's a notebook all about gardening. Now if you did flower and vegetable gardening separate, I could see that being of use to you, but I've always felt "If you can't eat it, why bother?"

A: A picture of my Square Foot garden(4X4). This is a handy layout reference guide! In fact try it out!
B: A reference link to my saved garden layout(in case I need to change anything).
C: The planting instructions from that guide. Everything is in one spot, so I know when to plant certain things.

Yet another shopping list of things one needs for their garden! I copy the things out of my garden plan and add them to this list. It's also handy to add the plants to your shopping list so when you're out and not necessarily thinking garden, it's in your face. It also adds a little bit more of thinking to this.
A: Plants I've planted
B: Plants I haven't planted

This essentially means that I may have bought the plant, which you should remember doing, but you won't check it off and think you've planted it until that's checked off in this list!

Hope these tips sparked a few ideas!

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