Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How to get Best Utilize the New Widget Icons

Last night I was a bit irate about the list widget(in my defense, it's one of the most heavily used things on the app for me, and to make it more difficult to click through and stealing my screen space), and while it is still a bit tough for me to hit the "page back" part of the list widget, I have found a way to get back my screen space!
Yes, I like Deadpool and I'm a ladee, what of it?

NOTE: I am rooted running CM7.2.
My stock launcher is ADWLauncher, and I don't know if this will work with any other kinds of launcher(because this one is so close to zeam launcher which I loved on my old intercept, I've seen no reason to install any other ones).

Make sure your grid is set to be a 5*4.
(I love this, you can get more icons on the screen, if your screen is small like with the Samsung Intercept, you might not want to bother and keep your screen a 4*4).

Don't try making a 4*4 widget on your 5*4 home screen. It doesn't work, and doesn't work too well. The scaling is freakish(same goes for small screened ones, don't go making a 3*4 widget outright).

Make a full sized widget. Note this is just a demo widget, I won't be using this in daily life, but you can customize them to fit your needs in almost any case.
Press and hold until the menu there shows up, then you will want to tap "Edit". Note that you might have to try the pressing and holding a few times to get it to work, but I've had the best of luck holding it towards the top of the widget.

Now this will pop up. Slide the bottom up a row on your grid.
Once you have about the size widget you want(a legit 4*4 one for larger sized screens with the modded grid, and a 3*4 for smaller screens on the standard grid), just tap your back button. It will solidify the widget.

Now you can add icons.
It's tempting to add the standard small widget underneath one of these for reasons.

Now just for the scrolling widgets, but that would be a bit tough on phones I guess :P

Did this guide help you? Did it not? Why or why not?

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