Thursday, June 7, 2012

Springpad for Info Hoarders

If you're an information hoarder like me, well fret not, we won't be on an episode of hoarders!

This is Part 3 of Springpad for the "Getting Organized when You're not a Business-man or Soccer-mom!" series!

Now I have a fairly nice reference folder. Most things are tagged, but my blogging notebook- My blogging notebook was the WORST. It's was a nasty cluttered mess FILLED with outdated information. So you can follow me along with cleaning out your cluttered notebook too!

Now let's emptry this thing out
Mass Edit> Select All> Remove(Don't delete!)

Now everything is unfiled, so once your notebook doesn't have any items left in it, feel free to delete them!

Scan through everything individually; if it's outdated- trash it. OR tag “#old” if you are unsure of if you might need it again, and you can come back and re-evaluate it again later. Let's NOT file anything yet, so let's be wise about where we put what, mkay?

Alright, so now everything is tagged- let's narrow everything down with the exception of #OLD. Determine if you're going to make any dedicated notebooks for anything my reccomendation for this is:

Make a full notebook if it's:
  1. A Project of sorts(college, class, job hunting, fixing a boat, etc)
  2. A catelog of a certain item(media collection, recipes)
  3. A to-do list(your GTD notebook or calendar list)
  4. Ideas you wish to share with a specific person/group of people(vacation, honey-do list, collaborative work project)

Now you have any Notebooks you need made, just slide those notes/tasks/etc into the proper one!

So what's leftover? These are your reference items. They're non-actionable(if any are they belong in a to-do list, collaborative notebook, or project!) So that means we've made a LOT of progress!

Make a task due in one week to check your #OLD tag(set an alert for your mobile perhaps?)

Put all the reference stuff your reference notebook, tagging according to topic or whatever you currently do.

Do you still want an of these #old items after a week? Cool, put it in reference. If not, trash it.

And voila! You've successfully cleaned out a notebook! I recommend that you wait until you do that review of the one notebook BEFORE tackling the next. After all, you don't want to burn out. And if you also do a whole bunch of notebooks, you'll likely be stuck with a bunch of items tagged #OLD and that can wear you down when you look at a lot of stuff you already feel clingy too.

Also, a spin-off! If you're still using paper documents(students getting class handouts, anyone?), try using legitimate manila folders! Write OLD on the tab of one and go back through it after the week is up!

Now I have to do my financial folder*groan*.

Do you have any cluttered folders or notebooks? Do you intend to do this for your organizational method?

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