Friday, June 15, 2012

Springpad Server Back Up!

Last night I was working on a school project when suddenly check lists and my notebooks page stopped working.
I was at the tail end of my working, and I didn't lose any data, but still. This is why we need the offline mode back, because I could have lost a lot of data depending on what I was working on, and it almost makes me scared to use the online version.

I sent the message to support almost as soon as it happened, nearing midnight EST.
Email Title: Can't load My Notebooks or checklists
Email Body: Chrome, Windows 7.

Less than an hour after I received a tweet noting the issue:
Pretty quick response, I think.

At 4:17 am(about 3.5 hours after the issue started), I got a message back:

Hey Grace - I'm sorry for the trouble you experienced. The message your received was due to an issue we had with our server host. They are working out the issue now, so hopefully you have any more problems. Do me a favor and try accessing Springpad again. If you still have trouble, please let me know.
I apologize for the inconvenience!

I can only imagine how much this might have impacted someone clear across the world in a different time zone! And 3 and a half hours is nearly half a work-day! Imagine if you used this for your work life and didn't have a smartphone, or tablet of any kind to keep working on!

I love Springpad, don't get me wrong, but when the new update happened, it was a lack of being able to access their notes and use Springpad that a lot of people left for Evernote. To not have offline support for the program on computers is to set themselves up for another mass exodus in the event of an issue like this.

And I'm not whining or leaving Springpad- I just have the ability to think critically of the things I use because I love the program that much. Plus, critically thinking about things is good for your mental health. :P

How did the outage affect you?

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  1. Hi Grace - Thanks for writing this post and pointing out the real issues that service interruptions can cause. It's a big deal!

    In every situation, we do our best to resolve issues as quickly as possible (Huy stayed up all night to work with Amazon on this!), but any downtime is lost time for our users too. We're grateful that you are bringing that to light and keeping us on our toes!

    Thanks again,