Monday, June 18, 2012

Springpad Updates!

EDIT: I have found a way to at least get myself the screen space back, since I'm stuck with a smaller list, check out the guide here:

The app now has the ability to "zoom" in on images, but it's still as lackluster as before. If I tap on an image to do so, I just get a black or white screen and nothing wants to load, even on wifi. This happened back before the big update too, on my old Samsung Intercept.

So I'm VERY much loving the style of the new small widget, but the list widgets are VERY much lacking.

Old Small Widget

New Small Widget

Seriously, the size of this thing is suitable for a 4*3 not a 4*4! I love to see a nice long list of things that I have coming up through the day, seriously, Springpad, how do you think showing me less of what I've gotta do is going to make me remember most of my immediate tasks? I mean I could just click through them, I used to do that all the time but now the area to press to go "back" is too small(so I keep opening the task it's on top of, and I have slender fingers), and to boot, it's more clicks to do stuff. Which is annoying, it's why I opted for Springpad to begin with, because I was tired of jumping through multiple apps, namely because of all those extra clicks.

Whoops, was so excited for the update that I didn't wait for it to finish swiping, anyway old list widget with tasks

New Task Widget, and again, overzealous with the screenshots. xD

Again an issue with screenshots, but two pics up and you can see the nice OLD switching icon.

So if I am having problems switching "pages" with my slender fingers, imagine how that poor guy with large fingers feels now! 

This is a frustrating problem, and the fact that we still don't have folder shortcuts that we can have customized like we can list widgets(as in choose flagged items, sort by date not just name, etc) makes it even worse. And I didn't think to backup before I updated, so yay/sarcasm.

What do you think of the new widget? Do you like having all that empty/unused space? Do you hate it like I do? Why or why not?

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