Monday, June 4, 2012

Surprise Reveal(Sort of) and More notes

So I will try and get out a basic tutorial for something small today after work.

What is my surprise? Well it's still in progress, but for my English class we had to do a Process Analysis essay, so I'm going one for some stuff to streamline a lower-end Android mobile. And since the book I'm working on is about it, you're essentially going to be getting a sneak peek(after I turn it in, I'll be posting it)!

And I haven't really worked on more of the Springpad series "The 7 part series: Getting Organized when You're not a Business-man or Soccer-mom!". Sorry, I've just been stupid busy.
And I just realized, I have the student part in there TWICE.

Soooo out of the list I have finished:

  1. Group organizer
  2. Student
  3. Job seeker
  4. Health nut
  5. A leisurely Gardener
  6. A Friend whom likes group planning
  7. The kind of person whom loves to collect information and never use it

I'll probably do the last one next, mainly because I did write that up a few weeks ago by hand, it just really needs to be typed.

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