Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tackling that Financial Mess!

And no, I'm not talking about me having bad bill paying or anything(I'm actually quite prompt about paying my bills on time, I'm only 19, and I've got a pretty nice credit score! :D); I'm talking about the mess that was my disgusting pigsty of a financial notebook in my Springpad Account.

My reaction when I saw how many notes are in it.
I was only really adding files to this notebook. Not sifting through them, and led to this nasty mess!

Seriously this is embarrassing.
I figured I'd tackle this in pretty much the same manner as the info-hoarders issue. Now mind you, I didn't move them out of my financial notebook, namely because I didn't want my financial stuff mixed in with random, trivial, stuff.

I deleted a bunch of old "crap" out of this. Like seriously, I don't think I need to hold onto all those Google Play receipts or even the emails sent by Ebay about an item I listed not being sold.

I did a LOT of cleaning. Obviously I still have a little bit to do, but this whole ordeal took me 20 minutes TOPS(all together time, to sift through and whatnot).
Much of this was for recurring things, or stuff I knew I'd never need again.

All Freaking Done!

Now I've done some touchup stuff, including tagging a few things that I'll need/may need to reference later, and deleted a few stragglers I missed in my first purging. Now I'm down to 12 notes out of 107.

That's only 11% of the files I originally had!
Granted, things like my tax forms that I had the PDFs saved of, and my paystubs by company are all combined into their own cozy note, but in all seriousness, it makes sense. If I get audited next year, I can just pull up the tax returns note and pull them up without having to go into several different notes!
In fact, here's a picture showing the inside of the note!
My tablet sometimes doesn't work when I unplug it and then plug it back in(until the computer is rebooted)
Attached are the PDF documents of the tax return forms I filled out using turbo tax(the greatest software ever).

It's so beautiful! I love it! :D
Now to ensure ALL my notes look like this- soon as the semester is over, I'm tackling my college notebook.
Then my photos photo- dear gawd! xD

Now why delete all those notes, you ask? Why not just put them in reference, you ask? It's simple, really. Stuff weighs you down. The more junk you have, clutter, really, the more you're owned by your "stuff". And I feel digital clutter is the same way! Now I can search for something actually important, and things that are pending for shipments, I just stick in the "hold" folder in my email. It makes it that much more efficient when dealing with tech support or the company if a problem arises(because it's still there). Once it arrives, I archive it(receipts). Pretty much everything else gets trashed now.
I think it also might help to shrink the size of the cache in the Springpad Android app, but don't quote me on that one, I don't know for sure. I do know I was getting a lot of clutter to scroll past when searching for a note!

Are there any "data turds" stinking up a corner of your digital office?


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