Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Quick and Silly Post

If you didn't already know, you CAN email notes from your email account to your Springpad account, just like Evernote.

What's funny is that I used to do this a LOT. If you're not careful, you'll end up with copies of emails from Ebay notifying you something hadn't sold. And unless you do a lot of Ebay selling and those are essentially actionable tasks, you probably don't need a reason to forward those. And I forwarded those... a lot.
I did that? Oh silly me!
And yet they had absolutely no value to me. I never acted on them, or anything of that nature! They just took up space in my reference folder! Funny thing was, I never referenced them either! After all, I never SOLD them, I wouldn't need to pull up that stuff in the future in case of a dispute!

I would suggest, use this feature sparingly; it might be smarter to just highlight any text you need to make note of in the emails and use the Springpad webclipper to deal with the information accordingly. :P

Have you ever found yourself making more of a mess when trying to get to inbox zero?


  1. Hidee,
    Shore it happened to me a few times

    1. Hehe, it's quite funny when you go through all your information just thinking to yourself :Why did I think I would need this?

      I guess after a while we realize what we do and don't need and can streamline things better. :P