Friday, July 20, 2012

My Notebook is Featured! (Updated!)

I was alerted late yesterday that my notebook was featured! Now I have gotten a couple thousand emails. And I'm away from my computer! Eep! My phone is a bit upset! XD
Anyway, if you want to follow my public notebook(or add tovmy email inbox), it's under tech for featured notebooks.
EDIT: Here's a link(I'm back at my PC!) Click Here for Notebook

EDIT: I had a hard time initially finding my notebook after getting the email noting that I was featured, and when I asked, Christine replied with this:

Great question -- We're featuring it during the "onboarding" process, so you can actually only see these notebooks when you're signing up for a new account. When you sign up for a new account, we suggest a few notebooks you can follow. Your notebook is one of the suggested notebooks to follow!
Because so many people followed your notebook yesterday, you should also be able to see it in the Popular Notebooks area of the Tech category of Explore.  :)

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