Sunday, July 22, 2012

How to use Checklists for Short trips

So Wednesday, I went to Glen Rock to visit relatives. I used Springpad to prepare for the trip.
While it isn't an elegant solution, I found the checklist option very effective.
You don't need to make a whole new notebook for a 3 day family visitation trip. You're not going to Hawaii or another place with a lot of in-town free-time where you will need a lot of resources.

All you need to do is this:
1. Make a checklist.
2.  Make 2 tasks, one called "Preparations", the other "Morning of".
3. List all the things you need to do/pack under the proper "task category" you added in.
4. Attach any links or files to the checklist. If you're using an Android for route guidance, try planning the route ahead of time and saving that as a link via browser. Then when you leave, simply click it when you have the car loaded up, since you already have Springpad open, and it'll open the Google maps app pulling up the route! You can tell it to navigate from there.*

*Caveat, this won't incorporate any pit stops from what I can tell. If you have someplace you want to go along the way, make a separate "route" and attach. Give them names like 1st leg and 2nd leg to remember more easily which one you may be selecting(instead of addresses).

Sorry about the lack of photos. I tried changing something with the Google Android Blogger app, and now they suck when uploaded. And my computer isn't running Blogger's Site right.

If you have a recommendation for Blogger Android Apps, please leave one below!

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