Tuesday, July 31, 2012


This is a preview from the Android and Productivity book a friend and I are working on!
N.B. this is a 1st copy rough draft. This will undergo at least two revisions, so consider this a sneak peek!

When I started out playing around with the GTD Methodology(Getting Things Done), it was a struggle to keep everything divided across 5 folders based on their status. Why? I have things coming in all the time, Springpad is not much for an outbox, at least in my experience(I know you can, however), but I also have a variety of projects that require their own reference material and tasks/to-do's. Don't be afraid to make more notebooks for such things, but something like “Car Maintenance,” unless you own several cars, you can keep them all in the reference notebook and just update as needed. Something such as Financial information, like copies of your tax papers, or receipts for big ticket items in case they break, your resume(keep it up-to-date!), paystubs, things to sell, etc., are all really great things to keep in a notebook like that. If you have some important things to take a note of, but not much at all, perhaps consider two reference notebooks? One for stuff you may not need to act on, but the other to find that important thing you saved, fast.Anyway, the moral of all of this is to take the time to figure out what you need. Try drawing on paper how you want your system to look. How many folders and covering what topics or projects? Can you get by with a scan of some of the paper files you have for the topics and projects you listed? If you can, you're free of that much more paper!

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