Thursday, July 5, 2012

Springpad is BACK(on my PC)! Plus some awesome news.

So after sending lots of emails to my dad and Springpad I found out what was ailing my connection at home to the glorious site! Turns out I had forgotten to disable Peerblock after downloading some stuff and it blocked Springpad for some reason.

My index finger started hurting at work today, so it's hurting pretty badly to even type this up. I will not really be doing much in the way of writing, except for with my phone(thumb typing, lol) which is time consuming, but since I'm left handed, I'll be working on new ideas for posts!

Also, since I my finger is hurting, I may have to do a video for another part of my "Getting Organized..." series!

And that's not the big news(video)! I was just emailing with a Springpad representative and I can't tell you what it is(or if I'll be sworn to absolute secrecy about it, who knows?) but get excited, because if I can tell you about something coming up, it'll be big for this blog. I'm so excited!

OH! I can totally put up something today! Not really a part of the "Getting Organized" series, but, this will be pretty great, I'm working on organizing my comic book collection, so I can demo that on here! You're getting an update tonight!

So update rundown:

  1. Springpad is worknig again for me!
  2. My finger is wounded, painful to type. Posts will be short OR shot as videos.
  3. Getting Organized is not something I've forgotten about.
  4. Springpad has hooked me up with something totally cool(Information? Swag? Who knows? I can't tell you yet/potentially at all!)
  5. Post will be coming out tonight!

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