Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Using Springpad as a Health Nut Part 1: Books and Notes

This is part 5.1 of the 7 part series, "Getting Organized when you're Not a Business-Man or Soccer-Mom"!

N.B. The below was demoed with a legitimate Kindle Ebook. This feature will NOT work with PDF files imported into Kindle.
As you know, I have been struggling to eat healthfully, and as a result tried lots of things, stuck to very little.
And I've been trying to remedy that.

So I have a notebook dedicated to my health! 
In this notebook I have things I've learned in my prior attempts including ways to combat cravings for junk food, nutritional information, recipes, motivation, etc. 
A very healthy and yummy recipe

I also will be keeping notes for podcasts and books I read in this notebook for quick reference(I currently have my notes in a paper notebook, which makes zero sense in this digital age).

You'll find that some PDF's(like ebooks) and most Podcasts, don't upload because they are higher than the 5MB limit for individual attachments. It blows, but to view it, you'd have to download it to your device anyway. 
I used to use Google Drive to store all these things, but now I have something a little different setup.
Doubletwist and Kindle(with a flash drive for backup)

I will start with the Kindle note first.
First you go into the book of choice.
Next, highlight the text you want in your notes. If you can't get it all on one page, change the text size in your settings.

You will need to sync your Kindle or Kindle app when you're done.

Now go to the Amazon Kindle store and go to Your Highlights.

Highlight all the notes for the book you want a note on and using the Springpad Extension, save it as a note.
Most of the time, you will want to wait until you've finished the book before exporting your notes because Springpad will keep them as separate notes.
Voila! You have all your notes and highlights for that book saved into Springpad!

This isn't without it's flaws, and if you want everything to be pristine, it will take a lot of time. BUT if you want to just be able to search Springpad for everything, including the notes on books you've finished, it makes this well worth it.

I find if I allow myself to care too much about something most others won't ever see, then I'll never get it done! So I leave the site buttons on the note, the rest of it is still searchable regardless.

Do you have a Kindle workaround for PDF highlights and bookmarks?

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