Monday, August 27, 2012

Using Springpad to Create Plans with Friends Part 1

This is part 6.1 of the 7 part series, "Getting Organized when you're Not a Business-Man or Soccer-Mom"!

This post will be yet another short one because there's not too much too it. This is a pretty simple method which works for me.
First you've gotta get your friend into Springpad. This is probably the hardest part because you want to be sure they will use it. They might not want to, which we will get into handling in the next post.

If you and a friend are working on a project, say for school, it's a really good excuse to get them to try out Springpad. They can check it from any computer(for instance the library or school computers if they don't yet own a smartphone) and most of the larger mobile operating systems.

Anyway now that you've gotten your friend using Springpad, you two can get to work!
First you want to set up a shared notebook. I find it's best to simply put both of your names as the title and leave it to that. Short, simple, sweet.
My shared notebooks with two great people!
If it's a school project, you can show them that you'd love to make a select few checklists and plan everything out so the two of you can also copy the note into your school notebook.

The shorter and sweeter a project or plan is in here, the better. I'm going to walk you through how this works:
So Nancy and I were talking about this cool event called 3rd Friday in the town where we live. I went this month, so we scheduled to go to Septembers.
Since she was logged in and I was showing her the ins-and outs of springpad, we plopped in the date into our shared notebook:
I added in Nancy+Grace to ensure that if either of us look in our task widget, we can see instantly who we're going with.

Anyway, now we know when we're doing but now I realize, she probably doesn't know WHERE to park, where to meet, what time to meet up with me, etc. No fear, attached items and the Description are here!

I will note that they get an alert of any changes to shared notes. That being said, you can't be too safe to send them a message letting them know you updated the note.
And that's it! If you don't know exactly where you want to meet up with a friend, you can take a picture of a place and attach it to the note so once they arrive, they can check the note again and see exactly where you are, things like that. Otherwise, you're all done! :)

Do you use Springpad to organize with friends? What particular methods do you do?

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