Sunday, August 5, 2012

Using Springpad to Simplify Ebay

That's what we're talking about today! :)
The catalyst for my productivity in terms of getting rid of extra JUNK, at least in this particular instance was downtime+Springpad+ Ebay

I used to think listing stuff on Ebay was difficult, and that it would take FOREVER to list  my old stuff on Ebay.
I have since realized I can break up my Ebay listing into chunks to make my life a heckuva lot easier!

Let's start with last Friday morning before work.
This was back when I still thought listing things on Ebay from my phone cost up-front money!

I was going through my Android and realized I still had pictures of my old Tamagotchi Music Star saved on my phone.
I checked in my "sell" box(a shoebox on the bottom shelf of my room with everything I want to sell, sans comics)
It's messy, but that's why I'm selling these! 
Anyway, the Tamagotchi was still there, so I added the photo into my Springpad as a task to sell it Saturday morning. I didn't have time to put it up that morning, I had work to go to!

Anyway, so I moved on, and then my boyfriend said I could sleepover! So after work, I went to his house, under the assumption of being unable to sell the toy until I went home late last night(Saturday) or Sunday morning.

Anyway, I woke up Saturday morning, and while waiting for Jon to get out of the shower, I just sat trying to wake up for a few minutes and looking at my phone.
I looked in my Springpad, at the tasks I had to do that day, at the things I would inevitably shirk responsibility of until today. There wasn't much, but one of them was listing that item.

I felt kinda annoyed, it was yet another thing I needed to get rid of, and the longer I didn't list it, the longer it was going to stay on my shelf! I figured I'd bite the bullet and list the darned thing from my phone and take whatever small fee it would charge me for listing via mobile.

Lo-and behold, it didn't charge me! The textbook I had tried listing a few months before that did try to charge me must have had something in it that charged me!
Now the app will tell you which features charge you and you can take them out!
So last night when I got home, I made new notes for all the comics and Heroclix I have to sell in Springpad, featuring info about them, and set due dates and attached the image files.

This morning I listed 5 sets of comics, my lot of Heroclix, and on a whim, re-listed the Xbox game I had up a while back!
Funny enough, the game sold not even ten minutes after I listed it, so that's awesome!
And a set of 4 comics sold not even a full HOUR after being listed!

And since I now require buyers to pay instantly when purchasing it "buy-it-now", I actually have both payments in my Paypal, ALREADY.
Only after i receive payment for an item do I make a new task to ship the item out, and I always make it for the next work-day(mon-fri). Here's an example of the task:

I send a message thanking the buyer for their prompt payment(only if it is thus) and let them know that I'll be sending out the item the following day.
Then the item gets sent out.

So there you have it, sometimes just saving stuff into an app, even if it's not fastest to tend to it at that moment you add it in, you have a list of tasks mostly taken care of, but can be easily finished up when you have a few minutes later.

I just wish Springpad had a "Download Image" option. I had to list the comics and such via my computer this morning, but I suppose it did get me out of bed.

Haw do you set yourself up to be productive during random down-times(like doctor's offices, long lines, and waiting for others to finish with the bathroom)?

PS If you like comics or want to rummage through my old stuff, feel free to! *nudge nudge*

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