Thursday, September 20, 2012

Almost Started Freaking Out(New Springpad)

I opened Springpad this morning(I knew of the update) to  do some stuff(per usual) and saw this:
Panicked I thought OMG did they change all the notebooks to the side? But I came to my senses and clicked on "My Notebooks" and all was right with my world again. :)
That being said I LOVE how you don't have to click anything to show all your tags under a category now!

Now if only the tags Alphabetized themselves!

EDIT: WOAH WOAH WOAH WHY IS BULK EDIT ALL THE WAY AT THE BOTTOM?! It's a heavily used feature (at least by me)! D:<


  1. So, random quick question from a random Googler. Where exactly did you find the bulk edit button? After scrolling through (silly idea) all my notebooks, none had any additional buttons on the bottom.


    1. I'll take a screenshot and upload as a new post(can't add pictures in a comment ;_;)! Thanks for checking out the site BTW! :)

    2. The new post has been up for a few days now, let me know if it helps! :3