Thursday, September 6, 2012

Driving PSA

This isn't completely productivity related, but I will note that if you get in an accident(by causing one) you are causing not only yourself but someone else to lose precious productivity time! So a PSA.

Anyway, this is a bit of a rant, but if you hate scooters being on the road, I highly encourage you read this. I just got my scooter last Friday and it is a BLAST to ride. Getting to/fro work only takes 5 more minutes, and 1/5th the gas, which is worth it. I also don't ride it on busier/main roads, opting for the back roads, if for any reason, less vehicles. And yes, my scooter is insured.

So I dealt with my first arsehole when I was driving my scooter tonight(the person seriously made a point to be a jerk)they flew up behind me and past me(on a 35 mph road, I was going 30, I saw the headlights in my mirrors, so I pulled off into the little gravel siding and wound up driving through rather deep grass. They were going so fast, I beeped my little scooter horn, doubting they heard it.

The asshole then backed partially into some random driveway, and as I maneuvered left into the road to go AROUND THEM because they had their front half in the road still, they honked at ME.
Seriously, where did they come from? There was one other vehicle at the 3 way stop(I stopped first, the other person was still slowing at their stop and had their turn signal on to go the other way). I can only think that they were that same vehicle that was "turning" saw me on my scooter and thought it'd be funny to do that.

If I hadn't moved over, I'd have gotten hit! That being said, scooterists SHOULD let people pass them if the road is faster than the scooter going. In fact, I do it all the time. And scooterists should stick to the right side of the road(and know their laws regarding their rides!).
I seriously did not feel safe the rest of the way home- I checked my rear-view an insane number of times to ensure that the truck wasn't following me, and while checking your mirrors is important, a great tip I've read is to always pretend you're invisible on a scooter, it'll save your life, and it HAS come in handy already! This is no ride you can let yourself get drowsy driving!

So yeah, let's all take care to learn our laws, and to respect each other on the road. Please? If no car "accidents" happened, both parties become much more productive because there's no dealing with insurance, no hospital visits, no lawsuits, etc. 

P.S. At intersections, for anyone that's turning onto the road I am, I wave them through to go before me. I hate having to turn, trap them behind me, and then pull off to the side and let them pass. If I had known the jerk was going straight(unlike their turn signal indicated), I'd have waved them on through. That being said, they turned back to go their original way after honking at me, towards the dump. I was afraid they'd try to pull that stunt again tho!

Tomorrow I'm picking up a TON of reflective duct tape, for even better illumination, and am going to tape a lot on my normal knapsack too(as well as helmet and whatnot). Also, I will be wearing my Bluetooth headset when riding from here-on-out. I just need to figure out how to make it know to call someone w/o having to reach into my helmet or anything to activate any voice stuff.

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