Thursday, September 27, 2012

Only 5 years since I've become a technophile?

So I just realized I've been using smart-devices for about 5 years to keep myself organized.

Ah, I remember it like it was yesterday.
I was only a freshman in HS if I recall correctly, and it took a little bit of a learning curve to get the hang of.
A used Tungsten E2, and the first thing I did with it was input homework chores and things I'd like to get a handle on, and set alarms reminders and repetition with it.
I mainly used the doodle note program at first for drawing(my first taste of tablet drawing) and it took me hardly any time at all to get a great number of games on it!

I remember my sophomore year of HS, I would play Tetris all through math class and pretty much just write down the notes, look them over and do my classwork(did I mention I retained an A in that class?) A few students complained about me having it to the teacher, and he simply noted "It's not a cellphone, it's fine."
Such a cool guy!

My junior year we had a new principal whom instituted the policy to ban ALL electronics(now the school is the most technological one, making me wonder if all the students now have tablets) so I couldn't use my PDA in classes anymore. I still used it when I went to my CTE program, and studying notes on the bus(I would painstakingly tap them all into the PDA from my paper notes which kept everything sorted). It was that year the PDA started acting wonky, but in my defense, I put that thing through hell. I dropped it, it fell out of it's holster, I tapped the screen much too hard at times. My dad kept praising the wonders of Blackberry, and financially I couldn't afford a new Palm(which would have been super easy to import my info/apps to) and thus when he upgraded to the storm I left behind the kooky screen and random reboots of an aging and beaten PDA for a Blackberry 8830.

I used this the same way as my old PDA quite a lot. I listened to music frequently off of it, and had notes and alarms. I loathed the lack of customization for icons and whatnot(for instance the theme that had things like events and emails, you couldn't hide the emails and I was just using it as a PDA!)
I struggled with getting fun apps for this device soley because I wasn't using it for a phone so I had no data plan, I couldn't even afford a cellphone, let alone a smartphone plan if I wanted to! And oh, boy I wanted on sooo badly!

Then a while later I graduated, and at one point felt enough was enough. I bought a prepaid dumbphone with verizon the summer before and I attempted to use my dumbphone as my calendar, and memo keeper, and even kept a ton of my music on it. I grew frustrated with THAT and adopted a chunky old Windows smartphone of my dad's to accompany my phone and put music on THAT and used the wifi and I worked with it in my first job and college for a while but I grew agitated.

I got my wisdom teeth pulled out and that same day(and it involved a lot of puking, this outing) and I bought an ipod touch. Not a fancy version, simple 8 gig one and whatnot. I will admit, I tease on apple users a lot, but I enjoyed this device. It was slender, fast, and did almost everything I needed.
But my newfound problem had not been alleviated! I had to have a cellphone now, but I was still using my old one because it was cheap and worked great! About 6 months after I bought this device(in Oct of 2010, same day as my college's RPG club's Halloween party) I went to VM's website and saw they had a mother flipping ANDROID.

Now I had been lusting after an android since HIGH SCHOOL. AND my boyfriend got himself the R2Droid2, so I was super jelly. Even so, I tried to wait it out to ensure all the devices with bugs would get circulated out but then I got a bonus and BAM went and bought it, MUCH sooner than I should have!
Ah, the Samsung Intercept. This device was so fun at first. Not super fast, but what do you expect? The switch over of my number to VM from VZW was super fast, however, and I enjoyed the device quite a bit despite all it's irritabilities. If I had to, I would go back to this device, but I would have preferred to have kept the ipod touch and got their wifi device and just hooked up skype to it. I could have a wanna-be iPhone! xD But I didn't see that back then. Oh, well, and I had sold my ipod last summer in my joblessness for a car insurance payment. It was on the Intercept I discovered Springpad AND Evernote, and I enjoyed both programs. I finished my run with this device using a combination of Evernote and GTD DGT for my organization.

Fast Forward to December 2011. OMFG VM had a sale for an android I've been lusting after since it's release(remember I had the Intercept) at a pretty decent discount! Of course, I wanted to have fast access to my phone as opposed to ordering it and it getting lost in the christmas-time mail!
So I went to Best Buy and they matched the price(because it was the OFFICIAL VM website, NOT Amazon for any slick-shooters out there) and I walked out with my current android. I have moved back back to Springpad, and am trying to streamline my life further(as usual) and get organized(as is the never-ending quest). But to attest to the loveliness of the technology, while MOST of this was typed on a computer, I did work on it some via my Motorola Triumph.

And you know what? Some days I wish I could just go back to the simpler days of the Tungsten E2. But those days will never return, and you know what? I think I'm happier with my Android anyway. At least I can make calls on this device too. :)

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