Saturday, September 8, 2012

Using Springpad to Buy a Vehicle

As you probably know, I have recently bought myself a motor scooter(It wasn't truly an impulse, I've wanted one for a few years).
Anyway, this is a quick little post about how I used Springpad to buy my scooter(P.S. You could use pretty much this exact model in Evernote if that's your cup of tea).

I first checked my budgets using great site) and while I didn't have a specific budget set for a scooter, I've set my budgets to Roll-over(as in show me in the red for the next few months for shopping).

Next, I made a notebook in Springpad titled Scooter. Whenever I found a good looking Craigslist or Ebay listing, I clipped it to Springpad. Same went for blogs and such that I read regarding different scooters, safety tips, and anything else related to scooters went into this notebook.

I found a great scooter on Craigslist.
Only thing wrong with it was that it needed a new headlight bulb!

And in 8 months(counting the adjustment for my scooter insurance), the scooter will have paid for itself  in gasoline, provided I use my scooter the most(so let's just say by next August because of the few winter months and if the winter is as warm as this last one was). That being said, it won't be overruling my budget for nearly that long!

Now that I have my scooter, I removed all the notes from my Scooter notebook, and they are hanging out under unfiled.

And as a result, I am deleting old bookmarked Ebay listings, and tagging anything pertaining to my scooter and driving tips, etc. into my Reference notebook, and tagging it with #Scooter.

I keep meaning to get a photo of me with my new ride, but I just can't wait to hop on and start riding when I go anywhere, I mean I take the time to gear up and everything! So here's the photo of it that was on Craigslist.

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