Monday, September 3, 2012

Using Springpad to Create Plans with Friends Part 2

This is part 6.2 of the 7 part series, "Getting Organized when you're Not a Business-Man or Soccer-Mom"!

This post will be about using Springpad for planning with friends whom don't use Springpad.

Now I don't have any examples of this to show you(lack of screenshots) but what I often do is create a new task with the gist of the plans and the date of it. Then as I get details I paste in the "description" box any information from emails, attach new links via the menus, etc.

I will note, on your Android phone, any phone numbers you add in the task will show up as dialable. So any throw-away numbers you may need, it pays off to have it all centralized in the information for your event.

In the end, the task for the plans look very much like the one that I shared for those whom do collaborate via Springpad. You do need to exercise more diligence in keeping up to date on your email and texts to keep from ending up missing anything.

In fact, I recommend getting your email to Inbox Zero(deleting or archiving emails after you're done and answer them fairly promptly to get them out of the way) quite regularly so any new information doesn't slip through the cracks.

In fact, this method works with gosh-darned near everything! I often use this sort of method when an item sells on Ebay, making a task due four days after the sell date noting "If person hasn't paid for X item by Y o'clock, report them". In the description I paste in their mailing address from the email I get via Ebay in case my printer decides to not work for me.
If they pay, I print out the shipping label(or hand-write it and swing by the post office); if they don't, I report them and change the due date for the task to when the case with Ebay is closed. If they still don't pay, I simply delete the task.

What do you like or dislike about this method? What method do you use in Springpad for group planning?

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