Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Amazon Store!

So I registered to become an Amazon affiliate, and was accepted!
I will note, however, I will ONLY add in things I use/I've used on a regular basis and I find work well for me.
For instance my old Motorola Triumph is on there because I've used it for nearly a year and it works great. I will NOT be adding this temporary phone of mine(the Galaxy S/Fascinate on Verizon) because it bugged out within 24 hours of activating it and I had to do a factory reset(it was freaking out with the signal and no amount of battery pulls helped. It hasn't done it again since but still).

Anything you buy via the store I will get a small commission fee, which is great for me, but it doesn't cost you a penny more!

Feel free to take a look around and I do plan to update it regularly(well not terribly often, I try not to get new stuff all the time '~')


For future reference, you can find the link in the above header as Amazon Store!

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