Monday, October 29, 2012

Challeneges! Tags! Storm Party!

So with the recent lack of updates, I've decided to start issuing challenges for helping you get organized! And because you've demanded it, I've got something cool for everyone to make site navigation easier!

But as of right now, just something tells me it's not a great time to issue a storm prep challenge(it might be the various power outages, the INTENSE wind outside and whatnot) because it's too late for that.

So I'm going to give you one for something to do right now, regardless of if the household power is out.

Get that stack of mail you have sitting around(like the one I'm looking at on my dad's PC server desk right now) and start sorting through it. Seperate it into 3 piles:

1.Junk Mail
3.Need to Read (letters, holiday cards from family, etc.)
4.For others

After you do that, do this:

1.Shred your junk mail or put it next to the shredder for when your power returns.
2.Go through your bills, and write up those checks to pay those companies or add a task to pay them by the due date in your Task Manager.
3. Read those cards and letters, take out any money and take photos or scans of the ones you'd like to keep to remember, then put the paper version with the junk mail by the shredder(or shred them).
4. Put the mail for others on the respective housemate's desks(if everyone in your household doesn't have their own desk, that's not a very good setup!

Now for the unveiling:
Tagged Posts! From Now on, posts will be under these categories:
3rd Party- This will relate to 3rd party Springpad products such as Deskpad
Alternatives- Springpad not your style? These posts will help your search go more easily.
Challenges- Trying to get your life together? Start doing these challenges!
How-Tos- Can't figure out how to do something in Springpad? Learn here!
Miscellaneous- Posts that don't mesh well with anything else.
Security- Keeping your information safe!
Technical Difficulties- Springpad down? Find a glitch? See if it's just you!
Updates- Information on the newest Springpad releases!

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