Thursday, October 11, 2012

Deskpad Initial Install Opinions!

I received a comment on my post about Deskpad(With my anti-virus issues) by one of the app representatives! Anyway, they told me they initiated a thing with Norton to get on their approved list, and hooked me up with the know-how to get Norton to ignore the security issue. Now it's installed after some fussing.

Anyway, when first running the program, it got a Not Responding on windows 7, pretty much instantly. You could see it as a bad sign, but something is freakish with my computer where it's freezing, rebooting and all that sort of stuff(I have run several anti-viruses, Malwarebytes, CCleaner, Spybot Searh & destroy, and they find NOTHING).
Yes, That's my little Dethklok
But after waiting about 2 minutes patiently it marched onward and I approved it to my Springpad account. Now it's waiting for the install:
This took about 5 minutes, tops.

My initial response to the program? Very Basic
I decided to take it for a spin and went to go look at a picture with some important College stuff(it's saved as a picture) and it said it's not a feature on it as of yet. A shame if I do say so myself. Pictures are an important reference material for me.

So I looked up the basic college Discounts note, saved as text, and that IS working.

And Checking tasks off works great(and un-checking as well).
So I went to check out the sorting of items. No sorting via due date! Tsk tsk tsk.
But adding a new item works splendidly!

So my initial opinions of Deskpad? It's not all that good, it's lacking a couple of largely used features of mine,  but it's also still in Beta, so keep that in mind. I'll post up another review soon! And hopefully in the next month post a review of the Linux version!

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