Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Springpad and Security

So a while back I became freaked out about security. Someone on twitter messaged me about how Springpad doesn't have full SSL support and whatnot, whereas apparently Evernote does.

Anyway, I contacted Springpad about the matter:
Hey Grace - 

So, the register & signin processes are encrypted, as is communication between our mobile apps via the server.  But, the web app is not fully encrypted.  So, that guy is right!  Basically, we do not suggest that people save banking info, or anything needing the highest level of security.

Here's the latest topic on this: https://getsatisfaction.com/springpartners/topics/how_secure_is_springpad

So there you have that!

But for now I will leave you with a little list of things to do to keep your Springpad(and most other online accounts!) safe:

  1. Don't add sensitive info to Springpad(I actually wouldn't recommend this to be wirelessly synced via any service! 
  2. Change your password OFTEN
  3. Don't have your passwords match(like use the same password for Google and SP, and I am guilty of this myself)
  4. If you have an Android device, USE CERBERUS.
  5. If you have any google accounts, TWO STEP VERIFICATION.
If you find you MUST have sensitive documents synced in such a manner, I'd say go ahead and use Evernote in that way. That being said, I'd PERSONALLY recommend you get an external hard drive or something for that sort of stuff.

How to Make Springpad more secure?
We can plea SP to make the program more secure! :)

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