Saturday, November 24, 2012

CHALLENGE: Emails, Feeds, and Fuel

This is another challenge I've found myself doing over the past week. I have signed up to follow so many businesses and blogs, and follow many a feeds in my RSS reader and to top if off, even some of my favorites on the twitters and facebook too!

There's soooo many ways to follow A business or A blog that it's overwhelming! So here's your challenge!

Most websites have a subscribe via email option. If you check your email regularly this could be a great option, but if they sell stuff this could be a catch 22 for you. Your email inbox could become lines with discount coupon emails or other such stuff. And if you're trying to not spend so much money, this could be bad. Just subscribe to their blog's RSS feed, twitter or facebook if you prefer.

Their social networks tend to say all the same stuff. No need to follow a company or blog on Twitter, Facebook AND G+. It's just littering your feed. Do some quality comparison and unsubscribe from the 2 less best. Twitter accounts tend to have a lot of more personal stuff, if you don't want that, g+ or  facebook might be a better option.

Also use a program to put all your feeds in one stream(I'm using social scope for Android currently). This is so you have one less feed to follow.

Also, par down your RSS reader. I don't check mine often so I shouldn't be following any news sites for instance.

Also, consider muting people whom LOVE posting a lot and you tend to scroll past if you know them in person.

And need I say unsubscribe from any emails you tend to click delete for right away anyway? I've done this for about 10 different companies in the past week. You'll find your feeds getting less full and you'll have more time to crack open that ebook and finish reading your novels. :)

Since it's such a big challenge, I'm giving you two weeks to work on this one! If you finish early, I recommend giving H.P. Lovecraft's Mountains of Madness a read through, but that's probably just cuz I got to a really great part. ;)

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