Monday, December 3, 2012

Goal Setting

If you're like me you have goals, things you want to work on. But then you also lose track of them easily and have a whole corner that's cluttered full of mental(and sometimes physical) dreams you have that you want to work on but may have abandoned because you're "too busy". Well fret not, I'm about to show you a simple and easy way to go about this.

You can choose to use springpad, or not to; it honestly doesn't matter.

First get a notebook, it can be any kind, the physical kind with lines, or a new notebook in Springpad or Evernote or whatever the heck you want to use.

Then open to a new page; if you have had problems journaling in the past, this might be a great alternative!
At the top, write the name of the month and TOP 10 GOALS.
Under that, write down the top ten things you want to work on this month. As shown in the photo, mine are as follows:
1. Be a better employee
2. Be a better Girlfriend
3. Save $$ towards emergency Fund
4. Figure out which health coaching school I want to go to
5. Work on Podcast!
6. Get setup for wor-wic classes
7. Eat more healthfully
8. Work on minimizing my possessions
9. Keep my productivity blog relevant
10. Get in touch with my friends and reinvigorate my social life

Then share it(unless there's some super secret private goals you have, then you might not want to, teehee). Then underneath it, write RESULTS with 1-10 written on the 10 lines below it.
Then turn to the back of the page and do the same(you want to start the next month on a completely fresh page so trust me there). If you have another 10 lines on the back of the page, do it again! In this set of blank lines, as you do different tasks towards your goals, you will write them in, for example, for my goal 10, I put in "Reconnected with Samantha". That is the first step of who knows how many, but it puts it into context that I actually DID something to work towards my goals. All I can say is, every few days go back to your list and try to fill in as much as you can! It's only the 4th of November as of this writing, but I already have filled in 8/10 on the first list of actions/results.
Then, next time you're feeling burnt out, you can look at how much you've done and you'll be reinvigorated to get back to working towards your goals and your dreams.

Then wash, rinse, repeat, all next month.

Alternative: have fewer goals you want to work on but do more to spur them forward. For December I have 5 goals but 5 tasks to do for each.

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