Monday, December 3, 2012

How to become a healthier, and more productive employee:

It happens every time you turn on the news, there's a new study on obesity, there's all sorts of fear drummed up with the economy etc etc and you are left wondering how to become a better employee so you don't get fired so you can afford to buy food and such. This post is to help dissuade some of your fears because I, too, have had these fears and rather strongly as well. So on with some of the things I have done to get my life in order to fight off these fears:

10. Minimize your lifestyle: The less things you have to pay for the better off you'll be. I will note you have to look at how you use the things in your home. It might be smart to get a motor scooter in addition to your car (mine will have paid for itself by the end of next year in fuel alone) or to sell your computer and replace it with a tablet if you never ever print things out and do other computer type things with it(plus more desk space!).
9. Only buy presents for people whom buy you presents and set a dollar limit ahead of time: I am always feeling guilty for not getting certain people presents for christmas when they give me really nice things and annoyed when others don't give me presents yet cause me to feel obligated to buy them presents. Also pro-tip. Buy something edible but a bit extravagant(like pistashios) and if you buy extra(say that family member dosen't buy you a gift), pack it as a work snack for yourself.
8.Create a budget: Well duh! Figure out your means and live within them! There's whole blogs written about this. I'll do a post later about my favorite budgeting book!
7. THRIFT SHOPS: Admit it, regardless of your gender you probably love looking snazzy. You probably feel like you need nice clothes for your job or events but are afraid your budget won't allow it. Well there's good news! There's higher end thrift shops where you can buy only nice/name brand stuff. If you have impeccable taste, you'll buy used, save that money, get high quality clothing and help the environment! I honestly dont see a lose here!
6. Take a local foraging class: Know that even if you were to become homeless, you will still be able to find food! Also farmer markets and wholesale companies will help you buy food cheaper. There's also a few GREAT foraging apps for Android out there.
5. Pay off your debts: Sure if you lost your job you'd feel like you're broke. But you know what will make you more broke? Interest putting you deeper in debt. Pay off those bills THEN save yourself some cash!
4. Make a top 10 goals list: Then check in with it periodically throughout the month to ensure you're being productive and following through with everything on it. If you want an example go read my last blog post.
3. Eat more produce and become more productive: You will have more energy and maintain a healthier weight when you eat the way you're evolved to. Crowd out those unhealthy and/or processed foods with fresh fruits and veggies.You'll be able to think more clearly and focus better which means a more productive worker making you look better to your boss(if you're worried about your job). If you're afraid you can't afford a lot of veggies, find out what local edibles grow locally, and if you don't have time to forage, plant those wild edibles and they'll grow amazingly in their native climate with minimal care needed to tend to them.
2. Become organized and maintain your system: this only works if your system actually works for you. Find one that does and stick with it making adjustments as needed. Also, if you buy a new device to do this with, give yourself a little time to get used to the device. Buy it on the weekend and focus on getting the hang of it so come Monday you already know how to rock that rad PDA(or smartphone). Also, don't be afraid to take classes or ask questions to other owners. Android Central is a GREAT resource if you've just obtained a new Android device.
1. Follow your gut: If you've taken my advice everywhere, parting with all your extra junk, living a more minimalist lifestyle, buying less, buying used where possible(never buy used underwear people), learning how to become more self sufficient, getting your health in order, creating goals and following through with them, you'll find you are more in touch with your needs. ONLY YOU know what you need. You can make that happen and with a more minimalist lifestyle you don't have to worry as much about anything. You'll have your health and your finances better under control so you'll be freer.

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