Sunday, December 30, 2012

Water proofing your phone!

I used to loathe taking a soak in the tub, but now I enjoy it a lot more!
I would only take a bath when T.O.M. came calling because I'd get horrible horrible cramps. I would try to read books(which inevitably get wet and damaged) and I was always afraid to take my tech in because of water.
Then one day I was reading an E-book and... well pardon my french, shit went DOWN! I decided to temporarily waterproof my old Samsung Intercept and continue my reading in the tub!
I wasn't about to drop the 10+$ for the waterproof iphone bag at Food Lion (I've only seen the sold there for some reason).
It was nearly free to water proof it, and I've splash-tested this with all my devices except the Nexus 7(which I gave to my mommom for Christmas) and its a great safety net!
1. First you go into the kitchen
2. Get a ziplock style sandwich bag large enough to contain your phone sealed.
3. Insert phone
4. Start to seal the baggie, then push out all the air
5. Finish sealing the baggie
6. Use in tub!
Note I haven't tested this where my phone has fallen in the water but I imagine with the barrier it will be enough to snatch your phone up, get it to safety and into dry air.
I will note if you're prone to dropping your phone, keep the case on! You bought your case to protect your phone, use it!

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