Saturday, March 9, 2013

Minimalist challenge!

You may or may not know I've failed my decreasing clutter challenge, but I'm still working on it bit by bit.
Regardless, ive created a new challenge for all of you(and me)!

I started looking through my emergency checklist (what I would absolutely need to pack, also my list of needed things) and I saw it was grossly out of date. As you can see on the photo of my note below, I don't own two of the things on my list anymore! And these are big ticket items on my list!
Your challenge is one of two things:
1: If you don't have an emergency pack list of what you deem you would need, MAKE ONE! (you can only fit it in your car, just one straight trip!)
2: If you made one along with me months ago, got through it and make any changes you need to.

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