Your money will go to growing and expanding the site, paying for hosting, and projects.
Also, I'd love to get guest writers on the blog, but would prefer they be paid for their work, unlike the Huffington Post.

In addition to guest writers, hosting, and regular updates from me, I plan to release a monthly subscription of $5 which will have access to something else, although I haven't decided yet.

Also, there's a way to donate for free? Sort-of. If you've been thinking of getting a new Android or iPhone, and love the Sprint network, I'd highly recommend Virgin Mobile. Where else can you get a smartphone for $35/mo?
Anyway, if your situation lines up(I'd never ask someone to go with a company that doesn't suit them; smartphones are expensive!), it'd be super rad if you used this promotional code: EJHU4TPO
You and I will both get an extra 60 minutes added to our accounts and Virgin Mobile will add $5 into my account. That is $5 less I have to spend on my phone and $5 more to spend working on the site!

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